Idea Pitch

What is an idea pitch?

Do you have a new product or business idea? The GVSU Idea Pitch Competition provides you 90 seconds to pitch your idea to a panel of West Michigan judges for a chance to win startup capital. Take your idea to the next level, make business connections, and win cash in 90 seconds! No props; no powerpoints; just ideas. Are you ready to compete?

Registration is free to all undergraduate and graduate GVSU students of all majors.


An “Idea Pitch” or “Elevator Pitch” is a frequently used term which we interpret as “tell me about your idea in the time it takes to ride up an elevator,” i.e. 90 seconds. Presenting yourself effectively is an essential tool in the world of business, and a well-planned idea pitch can open doors in your future.

Now What?

1. Click here for the official guidelines for the Idea Pitch Competition

2. Click here to register for the 9th Annual Idea Pitch Competition

3.  Get ready to get your pitch on!

Past Winners:

2012 IPC Winners

  1. Jason Sissing, Pop-Top
  2. Jacob Hall, Capable Solutions
  3. Tran Pham, Cultural Program

2011 IPC Winners

  1. Miles Smith, Break Away Coupling
  2. Sam Rasmussen, Designer Vents

2010 IPC Winners

  1. Frank Leonard, Keg Regulator

2009 IPC Winners

  1. Michael Henke & Michael McCarthy,
    Showerhead LED
  2. Ashley Van Roekel, Community Biking System
  3. Molly Gagnon, Spider Fighter
2008 IPC Winners

  1. Katie Racey, Formal Freedom, LLC
  2. Ben Demuro, The Tall Bike
  3. Chris Young & John Levandowski,
    At Your Service Valet

2007 IPC Winners

  1. Joel Soelberg, Clean Scrapper
  2. Matt Senko, Tattoo Software
  3. Joe Pohlen,

2006 IPC Winners

  1. Allison Morrow
  2. Geoff Patterson
  3. Thomas Sanders, Jr.

2005 IPC Winners

  1. Joe Pohlen
  2. Erik Winquist